Therapy Dog on Site

Thomas S. Ziering, MD, LLCBentley, our second Therapy Dog (and Dr. Ziering’s personal dog) has been seeing patients with us in our office for the past 4.5 years. Bentley is a cockapoo, which is considered a ‘hypoallergenic dog’ due to the growth of hair and not fur. We have found their breed to be both endearing and comforting to patients, families and staff. He is uniquely sensitive and tuned to emotions and stressors and is also a welcome relief to the added stress of going to a doctors’ office.

Weighing just 17 pounds, Bentley can be brought into the room or kept out of the room based on your wishes and concerns. He will often be found wandering from room to room to see where his need may be. He is very smart and quite playful but can often be utilized during your intake as a “buddy” you can just pet on your lap. Although everyone asks, he cannot be “loaned out” of this office, although he has made House Calls with Dr. Ziering as appropriate.